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Supports all major credit cards and debit cards w/ the major acquiring banks for Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX & Diners
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Why Should I Consider Lloyds Offshore Banking? was created for assisting filipino entrepreneurs either small and medium sized companies in Philippines to find resources about Online Payment Gateway, E-commerce Solutions, Payment Processing, Internet Payment Service Provider, Third Party Processor, MOTO, Mail order Telephone Order, Verified by Visa, MasterCard secure code and useful information and resources related to Philippines Online Credit Card Payment Processing. has arranged, complied and organised an online information and resources about Internet Payment Gateway, Credit Card Online Processing, Internet Credit Card Payment Processing, Credit Card Processing Online. Their business gets your company directly connected to your own Internet Merchant Account, which is lodged directly to a European Acquirer and we provide you payment processing depending on what type of business you are engaged with. provides personalize service, consultancy and assistance to filipino entrepreneurs who want to succeed on their Internet business by accepting credit cards online.

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Offshore Banking payment provider has a complete Internet Payment solutions that supports all major credit and debit cards with the Major Acquiring Banks for Visa, Mastercard, JCB.



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Credit Card Payments - Credit Card Payment Solutions - Services Overview - Set Up Process - Rates - Merchant Compendium

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